Dog Hotel: What’s A Slogan Slam?

While the Pod and Pearl Radio Cooking Show broadcasts from the rooftop of Dog Hotel,  the basement is home to Ad Dogs Unleashed.

Buried under stacks of sketch pads, always hunting for the “good pen,” they toil under the arches of their desk lamps promoting the best aspects of the best companies and organizations.

Every day at 10 a.m., they have a Slogan Slam.

All dogs gather around in a circle with mugs of freshly brewed beef broth and shout out, one by one, the first slogan that comes to mind.  Whatever it may be.  From the tips of their tongues, without thinking about it — shout out a slogan, any slogan.  Some for their current accounts, some representing any random thing comes to mind.


Because slogans say the most with the very least.  They are quick to digest and very hard to forget.  And because we organize our minds and behavior by associations and patterns, slogans hold a lot of power.

Here’s some of the Ad Dogs slogans that came up in today’s Slogan Slam:

“Cast off your collar, it’s a brand new day!”

“A good book is both snack and friend.”

“Words change things.”

“I’m a good dog, I’m the best dog, I’m the best dog in the world!” (This one is actually in the works to become a jingle).

“Because life is beautiful, and we must express it everyday.”

“You can start your day over anytime you want.”

What’s your slogan for your day today? Ad Dogs want to know!  Comment here or email hhansenma@yahoo.

By the way, Heidi Hansen is a real advertising artist doing concept/design/character and logo development on a freelance basis. Heidi accepts Visa, MasterCard and online payments.

Woof on!


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