All Things Possible you tube link

Just a quick note from Heidi Hansen — soon there will be some blog posts here that are about Invisible Disabilities — those sufferings that are not so obvious to others and get a lot of stigma.  Such as Depression, Post Traumatic Stress, Claustrophobia, Obsessive-Compulsive, Attention Deficit, etc.

As a retired mental health therapist, I feel strongly about advocating for persons of all ages who feel ashamed and are likely misunderstood and even put down for these troubles.

And so, I have started something called, “All Things Possible,” which is a series of short video clips that get to the point of using focused and simple skills to help yourself get to a place in your daily life where you feel that you like your life again.

Yes, there are blog posts on the way, short and sweet — more like post-its, because post-its written to ourselves work.

And some videos on Youtube — here’s the link:

Hope these are helpful — let me know what works?




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