Your Invitation to Dog Hotel has arrived!

From Rescue Ranch to the Life of Riley, the Dogs of Dog Hotel would like to invite you to enjoy a complimentary weekend enjoying the many amenities they have to offer, including:

Dog Yoga classes, coffee and beef broth beverages at The Cuppa Joe Café, live jazz in the evenings by The Pink Lizards, an emergency wedding chapel if your dog needs it, and the Pod and Pearl Radio Cooking Show broadcast from the rooftop.

You can stop by the basement where Ad Dogs Unleashed does their work and get your portrait drawn!

Our Concierge, Monty, a curly cocker wearing a Hercule Poirot mustache, will attend to your every need and whim and fancy.

Professor Field and Stream — a mix of unknown but certainly honorable ancestry, gives nightly environmental presentations in our lush lobby, which has a koi pond and indoor waterfall.

In this lobby you will also be treated to The Feast, our finest fine dining restaurant.  Cheri, our poodle chef, is always happy to prepare a meal just to your tastes, or whip up something novel and new to tell the folks about when you get back home.

And remember, when you come back — and you and your friends and all of your dogs will — the proceeds of your stay will go to helping other rescue dogs in other lands find their true heart families.

A few years ago, the Countessa passed (she was so loved they have preserved her in her splendid blue hair and pearls up in her penthouse suite), left her 5 star hotel to the dogs of Rescue Ranch.  The saying, “Who goes to Rescue Ranch stays in Rescue Ranch” no longer applied.

The dogs moved into the 5-star, and the name on the entrance was changed permanently. Dog Hotel.  Run exclusively by the dogs, and for any dog from anywhere who needs a home, a lot of TLC, and a purpose and a job.

Because, as the Countessa said, “Life is beautiful, and we are meant to express it everyday.”


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