5 Things To Do To Re-Set Your Mental Health

5 Things To Do To re-Set Your Mental Health

Is your mental health taking a dip today? Feeling off, shaky, not quite up to par on your daily plan? Had a bad night and it’s lingering? Something upset with a loved one and you can’t quite stay on task?

Well, do you have five fingers? FIve toes? Five senses? Five pickles in the jar? Five post-it notes?

I want you to think of the number 5. Because here’s 5 things to do re-set your mental health, and if you practice this, they will come naturally to you by thinking of the number 5.

1. Take care of one — only one — small thing (very small) and then stop, rest, wait. WHen ready, do one and only one more small (very small) thing. Break down a task into minute steps and do just one (i.e.; get up and drink water from kitchen sink. Then stop, rest, wait. Then, get up and open the dishwasher. Stop, rest, wait. Then, put one dish into the dishwasher. Stop, rest, wait. Just focus only on the one small thing and trust the rest of the motion will follow. And if it doesn’t, no big because you have already had victory.

2. Say to yourself “I AM doing this,” instead of “I will,” or, “I want to.” This will give you a sense that you are already in motion, you are already in victoy mode.

3. Trying is perfect enough.

4. Be curious about yourself and others and situations instead of controlling and judging. Ask questions, “Hmm..Wonder why that’s going on?” instead of, “Darn it all, I hate it that I am this way.”

5. Remeber the number 5? Look around you and make note, very deliberately, of 5 beautiful things you can see, hear, taste, feel and that you are — because even reading this is a beautiful part of a willing spirit.

Heidi D. Hansen, M.A. is a Mental Health Recovery Specialist in Vancouver, WA. hhansenma@yahoo.com .



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