Heidi’s Fabulous Fee List

Wondering how much it costs to hire Heidi?  Well, I work with people and businesses on fees, first of all.  So, no sweat.  But basically, here it is:

Mental Health Recovery Coaching:  $40.00 per hour, $15.00 for 25 minutes.

Meditation Moments in your daily inbox:  $15.00 per month.  $5.00  per week.

Creativity Coaching/Consultation: $40.00 per hour. $25.00 per 30 min.

Meditation tools (deep breathing twizzlers, present moment pup pocket bones, panic attack survival kits, word cue cards)  $10.00 each plus postage.


“But, how do I pay?” you ask.

With online Paypal, of course!  Safe, secure, reliable, totally vetted http://www.paypal.com — using Heidi’s business account and a major credit card.  Email Heidi at Hhansenma@yahoo.com and I’ll talk you through the steps.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you!



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