The Muse Academy Now Offering Online Creativity Classes

Muse Academy

heidi d hansen, ma c2015

I’d like to introduce an ongoing series of vignettes called “The Muse Academy.” These vignettes will teach you how to become more creative, inspired, and desciplined to your art.

Remember that the arts and creativity in general are expansive things. You just have to come to know what your thing is. And apply a few tips from The Muse Academy.

A picture is attached below that will introduce you to the main Muses: (from left to right) — Groovin’, WorryWart, Techie, MoveIt, and Ponderous.

They will guide you through the courses you choose from the Departments of Innovation & Collaboration; Logos & Slogans; Sketchbooking & Longhand; Tall Tales; Solitude; and Shaking Things Up.

And more good news! You can pay for this education, guidance and coaching in small amounts as you go along!

Let’s take a break here from a fictional platform — This is Heidi Hansen, artist, writer, mental health recovery specialist.

A 15 – minute email tutorial costs $8.00. A 30 – minute email tutorial costs $15.00.

My studio and work space is in Vancouver, WA, and lessons are available here, as well, for those of you who are in the Portland-Vancouver area.

I accept all major credit cards with payments made online through safe, secure

Email me at to sign up and get started — or for any other questions or comments you may have!

Muse on! — Heidi




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