How To Be More Creative

Here’s three tips on how to be more creative — straight from the curricula of The Muse Academy:
1. Do things everyday that are different from the project. Things that have nothing to do with the project. Completely new skill sets and with different – minded persons.

2. Doodle. Keep a spiral notebook and a ball point pen with you wherever you go. Put them all over the house and just doodle. Shapes, squiggles, signs, anything.

3. Daydream. If you can, daydream with at least 3 of your 5 senses in gear (physical, smell, audio, visual, emotional).

Repetition is more key to creativity than doing it “well.”

And, wait for it. Creative ideas tend to pop into our minds and experience when we least expect them to.

Muse it and Muse On!

For $25.00 per 45 minute interactive units, you may sign up for creative coaching and online tutorials from and with Heidi Hansen. Write me (Heidi) at



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