The Attic Keeper of The Muse Academy

picture1166When the vacuus came pounding on the attic window, they laughed manically because they hadn’t expected to find it unlatched and open ajar.

Perfect. Their mission couldn’t have been easier.

They whipped in their dark vapid suctioning wind and out blew all the bits and pieces of good but discarded ideas left over from the fall term at the Muse Academy.

The Attic Keeper had been working on them, puzzling them together with tender care and inner guidance while the Muses were away on winter break. And then left the room for a bathroom break. The Vacuus had been watching and waiting for their chance to zero in.

But not all the muses had left the building for winter break. Unbeknownst to the Vacuus, and even the Attic Keeper, who never left the attic of Muse Academy, a few Muses had stayed behind.

Five Muses with nowhere to go. No holiday home to return to. An Attic Keeper furiously working to curate the remnants of good ideas, dark forms pounding at a stormy window, and five muses foraging the kitchen pantry for sandwiches and soup.

And then, a group of bank managers pull up for a tour of the grounds and to hammer in to the garden around the front door, a large red and blue sign that read, “Foreclosure. Auction to be held one week.”

The leftover Muses saw it and sank into despair. Did the Attic Keeper know? And what would become of the good ideas blowing out the attic window?

Because, after all, Vacuus turn tail and run at the sight of bank managers, leaving their loot fluttering in the breeze and floating to the grassy grounds.

But Muses don’t turn tail and run at the sign of despair.

Will the Attic Keeper?
c2014-2015HeidiDHansen, The Muse Academy is a literary platform filled with the life and challenges of 5 Muses and one Atttice Keeper — designed to teach real people how to find and house their own inner muse. Enhance creative thinking and engagement. The phrases, “Muse It!” and, “Muse On!” are trademark slogans by Heidi D. Hansen. All rights reserved. Email for details.


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