Three Simple Spells from The EveryDay Witch and her Kharma Cats

picture985 picture987 picture986Three Spells From The EveryDay Witch

and her Kharma Catskcatcover kcatp2 kcatp3 kcatp4 kcatp5 kcatpage1

Who is the EveryDay Witch? There might be one in your life, if you are lucky, and the Everyday Witch might even be you!

The Everyday Witch is a woman who cqn work magic from ordinary things. She can make healing happen with just the things around her. And a little time, a little tending.

I have permission, to present to you today, three of her top ten spells, potions and tinctures. These are all concoctions that you can make at home and school. The Everyday Witch hopes that you will, as you need to.

Depression Spell:

3 cups Motion (keep moving arms, legs, lips to talk)
1 Tablespoon Hope (you can start a new day anytime)
5 shakes of Power (do something that makes a difference)

Anxiety Potion:

5 Gusts of Westward Wind (blow out more fiercely than you breath in)
Set your compass to Middle. (Get your sense of self in the center)
1 Giant Leap Frog (take that leap of faith)

Low Self-Esteem Tincture:

Use your Forgetting Wand liberally (forget what other people say and think about you) over
1 box Expansive Powders (do what you are good at, as much as you can)
and infuse it into
the most beautiful, fantastic mug of your choice that is full of
The EveryDay Witch is by Heidi D. Hansen, M.A., retired Child and Family Therapist. c2014-15. contact:


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