Foods For Your Moods

IMG_2277Foods high in Omega – 3 can help calm anxiety and reduce symptoms of Attention Deficit as well as depression.  Tuna fish is a terrific source for this, and the calming effect can be immediate.  It can also lift a depression. Check with current FDA recommendations about the possibility of it containing mercury.

Remember that depression and anxiety are intertwined, symbiotic, one can play off the other.  I often find it helpful to treat them together, in-tandem, rather than separating out symptoms of each. We can certainly eat with that in mind.  None of this will take the place of physician – prescribed medications, but we can do a lot for ourselves in addition to that.

Avocado is also high in Omega – 3, and can be peeled and eaten on – the – go, like an apple.  Fake crab or lobster is a good selection, and turkey.IMG_2226

IMG_2331The Potassium in bananas are a good mood balancer.  When bananas get dark dots, they are still good to eat but know that they are turning into sugar.  If you have blood sugar problems, and can’t have sugar, eat them before they get black dots.

Fruits such as blue and blackberry are not only rich in antioxidant value, but contain Omega-3’s.  A fresh smoothie is an easy, refreshing way to get this in. If you are taking medication and have trouble swallowing pills, a thick smoothie will help them get down.

IMG_2097 946508_547361878648542_1502361333_nLet’s not forget the gut.  Our gut is where not only much of our antibodies are produced, but mood chemicals are also made there. The chemicals that can make depression worse if not tended to.   So, honor the gut. It’s really important to keep that environment rich in foods that are brined.  Not pickled in vinegar, but a brine that would sometimes be labeled “kosher” sauerkraut, and pickled herring and kim chee.  Read the label, if vinegar is a primary item, it is not a true brine.

Sometimes depression and anxiety can get worse with blood sugar drops.  Notice your body, if it feels weak or shaky or edgy, hard to concentrate with melancholy, get a protein burst with deep orange cheeses, or again — the fake crab and tuna and turkey works really well.

Respect your body, respect the past that got you to where you are today, troubles and all, and take control in foods that can put you in charge of it all.

Happy eating foods for moods!

— Heidi D. Hansen, MA is a trauma and mental health recovery coach and can be reached at


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