Maile Lei’s Booster Paks for Kids project

Choose any piece of original artwork from my studio in exchange for donating a giant box of pre-packaged protein snacks for the swimming/playground kids in my apartment complex.

Maile Lei is worried that some of them might be missing their school breakfast/lunches over the summer days.  And, they swim and play  hard and maybe some don’t have protein snacks to fill up on.

So, look through the art on this site, if it is still in my studio, you can have it, just send a big box of snacks (no nuts/nut oil kinds, please, for allergy safety).to the front office of my apartments. In that front office tv room is a refrigerator that the kids have access to, also there is good water there.

I will monitor the fridge so that it is stocked, safe and available.

Mail  or drop off the snack boxes to the front office:

Fisher’s Mill Apts.

1000 SE 160th Ave.

Vancouver, WA 98683

attn: Heidi Hansen & Maile Lei Booster Paks for Kids project.


Questions? Want to visit the art in person?  email me at  or .


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