Ten Ways a Service Dog Can Help Someone Who Dissociates

Service Dogs rock!

I’d like to advocate and educate on service dogs who help those who dissociate.

1. Dogs can be a sense of real-ness when you feel un-real;

2. Dogs can help lead you back home when you don’t feel real, or not confident or panicky;

3. Dogs can paw your foot, do a chest compression, lick your ear to bring you back to your core self;

4. Dogs can socialize for you when you are too shy;

5. Dogs can make you feel good about yourself when others get down on you for having mental health problems;

6. When in doubt or distress, talk up your dog. Very rare to miss on this one;

7. Dogs can make you an expert to others who would like to have one;

8. Dogs can make you feel safe and protected and keep unsafe persons at a distance;

9. Dogs can comfort you in times of isolation, bad dreams, and get you out of bed;

10. Dogs can keep you from giving up.

Talk to me at hhansenma@yahoo.com for more info or a consult with these matters. Thanks!


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