Foods For Moods: Your Own Recipes

I have been trying lately to make food combinations and recipes and on-hand items that provide relief and prevention to anxiety and depression.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best not to tell people what to do, but to provide a context for sufferers to come to their own conclusions.

So, here it is in a nutshell: Starting tommorow, Monday, and going through to next Sunday evening, I am inviting you and your friends to join me in making personal foods for moods recipes.

The only rule is to consider trying to do this, even if you must bookmark it for the future.

Here’s the daily thing — and let your imagination wander, if that is available to you at this time.

I fully understand that being immobilized by depression and frozen by anxiety makes it nearly impossible at times to concentrate and follow-through on being creative and experimenting with foods and noticing changes in our moods.

Here’s my plan and my invitation:

1. Recall foods and spices and things like teas and herbs that have made your symptoms feel a bit better in the past.

2. Ask questions and find more information. Keep these quests really small and detailed to symptoms that you can track by observation or counting or how others see you.

3. Can you afford these items as a grocery budget? Don’t get destructive with your finances, please, just try what you can safely and reasonably do.

4. How can you prep and package up these items so they are ready before you get in the depths of your symptoms? Can you keep some in your pocket?  On the first shelf of the fridge or cupboard? Can you just peel and eat? Or break off a piece, dip it without a lot of utensils?

5. What food items will help physical ailments you may have, as instructed by your doctor? Things such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, blood pressure too high or too low, arthrities, etc. Follow what your doctor has said to do in these and other areas.

6. Remember that even just the act of making this kind of personal goal is taking a stand against your depression, it is a force of center in the midst of your anxiety. Just making a decision to try it is power that can make your symptoms a tad better.

7. Please write to me and share what you have learned and if you have suggestions that may help others, including me, who read this blog. I will post them anonymously if you ask me to.

8. Please try to have some joy, or enjoyment, in the curiosity and adventure of this. Remember, sometimes food tastes better with company.

Write to me at if you’d like.


Heidi D. Hansen, MA. Mental Health Recovery Counselor.



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