6 Easy Ways To Improve Your Mental Well Being

Little things can do a lot.  Especially if you do them early on before your mental being churns into a crisis, and especially if you practice them over and over in a variety of settings.

  1.  Name 5 things of beauty right around you.
  2.  Rate your Joy Factor (from zero to ten).
  3.  Words change things.  Repeat words in your mind of things you want.  One word, one deep breath.
  4.  Speaking of breathing, hang up a meditation leaf (write me and I’ll send you one) 6 feet away and see if your deep breathing can make it twirl.  3 times over.
  5.  Shakespeare wrote, “Assume a virtue if ye have it not.”  The virtue that is key to most others is determination. If nothing else, be determined.
  6.  Comfort is a necessity, not a luxury.  Allow comfort to come inside, change you.  Be conscientious and concerted in the little things that bring you comfort.  Know what those things are, and bring a special focus to their experience such that they become expansive.

These things won’t fix deep depression or chronic anxiety, won’t prevent psychosis, but will make you feel human, self-respect, and give you an inner structure that carries you through.

For meditation coaching and trauma counseling, email me at hhansenma@yahoo.com for a session at a sliding fee of $40.00 per hour.  I can accept major credit cards and we can work together online or in person in Vancouver, USA. Thanks!






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