Using Your Deep Breathing/Meditation Leaf

Wondering about a Deep Breathing/Meditation Leaf?

Here’s how to get one, and a couple of tips for your meditation and deep breathing practice:

meditationleaf meditationleaf2

  1.  Use 2 of your 6 senses while using your usual mediation techniques.  For example,  allow a small piece of chocolate, or a small lollipop, to dissolve on your tongue or inside your cheek.  Observe what happens, describing to yourself it in single words.  For example, with a Hershey’s Kiss I might, while breathing deeply and listening to calm music, say to myself, “fuzzy. Warm. Sweet. Filling. Gooey.”  You can put a pleasant scent on a cotton ball and let the cotton ball sit on your shoulder while you meditate, and describe it to yourself.
  2.  Use Deep Breathing Leaves — see the photos — hang them up about 6 feet away from where you usually do your work or sit to relax.  Try to breath deeply and exhale forcefully enough to make them twirl.  Exhaling out the CO2 that gets left in our lungs is something that can cause anxiety.  Having a twirling target will help us measure if we are exhaling completely.

Would you like a couple of Deep Breathing Leaves?  I make them, from heavy watercolor paper and acrylic paint.  They are 6″ x 4″ and can be oak or maple leaves.  For a pack of 2, with some instructions on how to use them effectively, you can email me your address, Paypal me $12.99, and expect to receive them in about a week.

Thanks! — Heidi D. Hansen, MA:




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