3 Habitat Stationaries of Native Plants of the NorthWest

Hello, Native Plants of the NorthWest lovers!  Here are 3 quill pen and ink stationaries for you, which I can print up to your specifications for your stationary needs.



As a native plant lover, I love writing letters by hand, sent with a stamp and I love getting to know my postal carriers by name, and they I.  These stationaries might help you experience that simple joy, too.  Salmon River habitat, — with the native plants that grow — and should be planted — in that area, and the Hummingbird/butterfly habitat, and the Squirrel Woods habitat (hint: The blight of the native White Oak put our native W. Gray Squirrel in jeopardy some years ago).  Email me, the artist – Heidi Hansen – at dog.hotel.hansen@gmail.com to talk about the size and quantity and type of paper you would like for your custom printed stationary.  At that time I can quote you a fair price.  I can accept major credit cards through http://www.paypal.com. Thanks, and happy native plant habituating!


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