Maile Lei’s Bedtime Toast Club — You Are Invited!

mlbedtimeclubiconHooray for Maile Lei!  He’s found a delicious way to help bedtimes feel cozy and it is a “Good Dreams Only” zone!

Maile Lei invites you to sketch your day at bedtime each night, or write down in a journal how your day went, what you did, what you think and feel and questions for the next day.  Email Maile Lei and tell him you want to join.  If you send him a self-addressed and stamped envelope, Maile Lei will send you a Club Member postcard.  If you wish, Maile Lei will post some of your sketches on this website to inspire others to also sketch and write their days on paper.  And — btw, Maile Lei recommends a piping hot butter slice of cinnamon raisin toast while you sketch, washed down with an ice cold glass of milk. Mmmm… Sweet dreams, all!


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