Welcome To My Studio

263229_547359205315476_1710244387_nWhere you can find mystery and adventure in the stories behind the art.  Observing art is a set of skills to be practiced.  As you look at some of my art featured here, ask some questions of your imagination, such as, “What is the story in the painting?”  “How did the artist come about this subject?”  “Why did the artist choose this style to represent the subject?” “Is this a painting that would start a conversation with my friends and guests?”  “Is this a painting that would become invisible wallpaper, and is that the kind of art I want?” “What is the purpose of this painting?”

Have fun exploring art, practice joy in its lessons.  If you see something you like, email me at dog.hotel.hansen@gmail.com and know that I can offer a negotiated price and accept major credit cards through Paypal.com.  Enjoy! – Heidi60737_576251065759623_1517212783_n58704_444119645639433_1807364655_n18297_467354666649264_760036091_n48093_509659179085479_168254671_nArtDiscoveryTreasureHunt14263_457727894278608_841370175_n255427_188048464579887_4477317_n400620_537916622926401_1109557947_nMangoesInParis


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