3 Meditations for Kids from Maile Lei

Maile Lei, counselor pup, offers 3 meditations for children to use when they are anxious or having trouble concentrating.mlmeditationflyer

Ice Cream Meditation:
Imagine a tall ice cream cone. Imagine the color and flavor of each scoop. How do they taste? Are they cold, melty, sweet, crunchy? Keep adding new scoops to this cone, imagining every little bit of each scoop’s texture, look, size, temperature, flavor.

Beauty Meditation:
Look right around you and name 5 things of beauty. Describe the color and texture, smell, experience of each thing. Repeat this over and over in a variety of places and activities.

Singing Fast Meditation:
Sing your favorite song, as fast as you can, so that the words and notes jumble up. Then sing it again, only slower this time. Then over and over, each time singing it slower so that the last time you sing it, the words and notes are dragging.

Children think differently than adults do, experientially and tangibly. For consultation and coaching on meditations for children, contact me! We can negotiate a fee to fit your budget, and art materials are also available.

Heidi D. Hansen, MA
Mental Health Recovery Coach
(360) 609-2646


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