Words Change Things

We become what we think. Our environment, challenges, self-regard, successes are defined by the words we use.  We can use words purposefully and with deliberate intention to create what we want within ourselves and in the world around us.maileleiwordschangethings

Here’s a meditation tip:

Write some words on post-it notes.  Words that you want to see more of in yourself and in your daily life.  Post them around areas where you spend the most time.  When you see them, say them to yourself.

And, in a meditation moment, deep breath while focusing on and repeating that one word you want the most to see happen in your self and environment.

What are those words? That I can’t tell you — they are yours to choose and change.

For mediation coaching and trauma counseling, email me at hhansenma@yahoo.com, or call me at (360) 609-2646.  My fees are reasonable and can be negotiated on a sliding scale. Thanks! – Heidi Hansen


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