I Think I Might Be Happy

Persons who have endured long bouts of trauma stress, depression, anxiety, often find it hard to accept in being happy, and accepting comfort as a .  The sensation is almost as though they will be tricked out of it, or it will be taken away, or that they just don’t deserve it.

I Think I Might Be Happy

___________________________________________by Heidi Hansen

I think

I might be happy.

A small tiny dot

of glimmer

inside the very middle

of the very middle

pulls at my attention

like puppy at the hem

of my skirt.

A black hole in space

that shines,


in the center of orbiting galazies

of uncertainty.

For if nothing is sure,

nothingness becomes a something.

No foes —

Let them attend someone else’s battle.

No fears —

Let them raid someone else’s cupboard.

No anger,

Jettisoned it like a parachute

that refuses to open


Amidst all that is

Not Done,

Worries like promises


Turn off the noise,

obey the puppy who

is unraveling fabric by the yards

and revealing a certain nakedness

of happy.


If you or someone you know would like help with trauma stress, contact Heidi D. Hansen, MA at hhansenma@yahoo.com, or (360) 609-2646.






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