The Muse Academy Sketchbook Trailer

picture1167 picture1169 picture1166 picture1208 picture1209Down a winding path and up a little hill, over a springbrook bridge and under a hedge of Poplars waits The Muse Academy.  masketch6

The Muse Academy is in peril.  It is slated for bank foreclosure immediately after this term break and only 7 Muses living there during the break can save it.  masketch5The Muses, and someone, —  someone nobody really knows, but certainly there in the upper lofts of the main academy student union building — will apply all their creative powers to find a way to save it. 

The Attic Keeper.  The reclusive, the somber, the Keeper of the cat, Attic Keeper.  What the Muses don’t know is that the Attic Keeper is also doing battle with a foe, an enemy of destruction to the Muses and their academy far more threatening and vile than a bank foreclosure: The Vaccuus.  masketch1

Seven Muses in a vacant student union building.  One foe seen. One much more deadly foe invisible and unknown.  An ally who can’t be reached, ideas that can’t be breached.  What will it take to save The Muse Academy, and all the pages of ideas, imagination, creative powers the live inside? 

All the answers and more coming soon to this blog, brought to you by Heidi Hansen and her Muse — stay tuned, and write in for more information at, If the Muse Academy is saved, so will the Cuppa Joe Café there that serves gourmet tuna and beef broth at The Muse Academy Food Court, for the furrier of friends.









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