The Power of a Sketchbook – Sketchbooks for Kids

picture1660Hello, let me introduce you to my sketchbook.  It goes everywhere with me. I write and sketch everything I see and observe around me in it.  The key to being an artist to be able to observe.  Catalogue, archive, and process refine and deliver those observations that become ideas that become projects and products in a good, stout and true sketchbook.

Here’s my point:  Kids need sketchbooks.  Writing and drawing helps kids — even those with no interest in art — define who they are. They get to know themselves in sketchbooks.  They have a friend there.

My goal and work right now is to get every child in the 5th grade of my local elementary school, Mill Plain Elementary School, a sketchbook like the one in this photo.

Why this one?  Because from practical experience, this is The One.  It has sturdy paper that will take a lot of energy and types of mediums.  It is a large size for fit the hand and elbow action.  It has a hard backing so it doesn’t flop around.  It has sturdy spiral binding so the pages will turn without clogging up.  And, the pages are serated for a smooth edge when pages get pulled out.

It is also the best price in town, and this product here is at the best price at my Target store, about $6.00 plus tax.

So, here’s my offer to you:  I will sketch you anything of your choosing on a page out of my personal sketchbook if you will buy a new sketchbook for a child at Mill Plain — the entire classroom of 25 students for fairness.  One sketchbook donation at a time.  You can send it directly to the school.  Email me or call me for help with this or more information.

Thank you!

Heidi D. Hansen

(360) 609-2646


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