Muse Academy Storyboard: Meet the Characters and Sign Up For Your Own Muse!

muse1Heidi Hansen is the author, artist and productionist for all Muse Academy products. copyright 2015-2016.  Contact Heidi for your own creativity coaching and consultation. Pay with major credit cards and develop your own Muse at your own schedule. muse9 muse8muse10 muse5muse4 muse6 muse2muse7 muse3This is the Muse Academy faculty who — guess how — help the remaining Muses raise the funds to stop the bank foreclosure on the Academy and fend off The Vacuus who are storming in to steal their most precious of commodity: Ideas.  Would you like to learn how to be more creative in your life?  Creative in your work process and content, marketing/advertising? in your relationships, in your mental health? Overall quality of life?  I can help with that.  My name is Heidi Hansen, I am a trauma counselor, artist and writer and offer online and in-person creativity coaching at $55.00 per hour. I am able to accept major credit cards and a brief initial interview is free.  Write to me here, or at  My phone number is (360) 609-2646 and I am located in Vancouver, Washington, USA. Thanks, and happy musing!


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