Know Your Vacuus

In the fictional Muse Academy, the dark forces known as The Vacuus try to suction out their ideas, their creative process and the life of their creative inspiration.muse9

This happens in real life, too. People, places and things can suction out your creative inspiration and deaden the process of cultivating your ideas and motivations.vacuus

Creative persons must keep their process and product safe. Keep it in their ownership. Manage the boundaries of destructive forces in their public and private lives.  Prevent destructive attitudes, talk, choices, relationships from entering your creative spaces.

To do that, you must first know and identify “vacuus” in your life.  What is your “vacuus”?   What is your personal and public plan to safeguard your Muse and ideas?muse2I am available online or in person to provide creativity coaching for individuals or small groups.  My fee is $55.00 per hour and I take major credit cards. Email me at http://www.hhansenma@yahoo  or to discuss your creativity coaching. Thanks! — Heidi Hansen




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