Pain Management Through Meditation

48093_509659179085479_168254671_nContemplative practice can help with chronic pain.  Long-term opiate pain medication is no longer an option for many pain sufferers, and developing daily habits of meditation becomes a life raft amidst the misery.

I recommend the daily use of at least 3 different types of meditation for:

  1.  Anticipation of pain emotions;
  2. .Avoidance of pain behaviors;
  3.  Getting through acute pain;
  4.  Prevention of worsening pain;
  5.  Spiritual acceptance, surrender and cultivating meaningfulness.


Some of the contemplative practices I recommend are:

  1.  Past-present-future-present imagery;
  2.  Trancework;
  3.  Body concentration;
  4.  Fluid breathing;
  5.  Focused breathing;
  6.  Word flow;
  7.  Biofeedback;
  8. Creative recovery.

I offer meditation coaching for pain management online and in person (Vancouver-Portland area) , individually or in small groups.  My fee is $55.00 per hour and I offer a sliding scale to those on a tight budget.  I can take major credit card payments online through safe and confidential  Email me at, or call me at (360) 609-2646 for more information.  Thanks, and be well!  – Heidi Hansen, M.A.


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