You are Invited to Dog Hotel’s Halloween Costume Ball!!

IMG_3177 doghotellogoFrom Rescue Ranch to Dog Hotel, our new Concierge, Maile Lei, invites all dogs and cats, birds and goldfish to attend our online CatMoon costume ball!

doghotelmlcm Homemade costumes only, please, and if you can’t take a photo, draw a picture and email it to Heidi at between now and October 31, 2016.  All costume entries will be posted here and on Facebook all day on October 31, 2016, with a caption contest for the entries on Facebook.

Maile Lei says, “There is no charge to attend and/or enter this costume contest, just a promise of fun fun fun!  And please enjoy these CatMoon pictures from me and Storm.  Having fun is critical mass for good mental health! What a wonderful time of year for fun!”

catmoonstorm catmoonmlst catmoonml catmoon

P.S.  This costume ball is free of any charge and open to all, but if you are interested in creativity coaching for your business marketing or personal enrichment,  I am available for online sessions at a fee of $55.00 per hour and I can take all major credit cards. Email me — Heidi Hansen — at or  Phone:  (360) 609-2646. Take care!






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