Come Take A WoodsWalk In Nativica

nativicagardenaaa1nativica“Nativica” poster, 22″ x 22″ featuring 30 native plants and animals and habitats of the pacific north west.  $45.00 plus shipping, using major credit cards through  Email Heidi at to inquire.

Q: What is Nativica?
A: Nativica is a place in nature and in your mind where you can go to
experience the wonder and ruggedness, simplicity and grandeur, the
texture of history and peacefulness of the present moment through
native north west plants and their habitats. Most importantly, it is
where children can learn the importance of native plants, how they
help keep our planet healthy, and to be inspired to be careful,
conscious woodswalkers.

salmonrunSalmon Run waterseriesredo2Blue Heron westerngraysquirrelWestern Gray Squirrel monalisatrillium Trillium ovatumoregonirisOregon IristalloregongrapeTall Oregon GrapeellsworthspringsEllsworth Springs dadnativeplantbookcoverHeidi’s early native plant booklet1016920_570409196343810_218006300_n “Forgiveness at the Springs”1000371_570409033010493_564577884_n“Endurance at the Springs” 581669_570409343010462_1034256633_n “Solace at the Springs”commoncamas“Common Camas” westcedarsnowrabbitSnowshoe Hare with Pine and W. Red Cedar  183601_581251098592953_1448257824_n Red – Tailed Hawks and the Four Seasons of Native Plants60737_576251065759623_1517212783_n“Sacred”

Come and take a walk with me through Nativica.  Observe small things,  wait for hidden surprises, be curious and look in between, under and over.  Feel the cool mist on your cheeks, the rough texture of tree bark.  Watch the branches sway overhead in the breeze and dig your toes into the moss clumps at the roots.  Notice the patterns of plants that tend to grow together.  Learn how plants and animals help each other thrive.  Reflect on your place in the ecosystem, and ask how you can learn something new each day to restore, repair, rebirth our universal, equalizing One Great Gift:  Our planet.

fairyslipperclumpFairy Slipper garryoakdeerjay Garry (White) Oak white White Tailed Deer, Scrub Jay, Western Gray SquirreliristenaxIris tenx kinnikinnikKinnikinnik pacificdogwoodPacific Dogwood scrubjay Big Leaf Maple in Fall color with Scrub JaytrilliumkurabayashiClump of Trillium kurabayashi trilliumovatum Trillium ovatumtrilliumovatumbulb Triilium ovatum w/ rhyzomevinemapleVine Maple in Fall color.

Welcome to the native plant woods, landscaped through my art and writing.  The Nativica poster can be purchased with major credit cards through  Cost: $45.00 plus a bit to ship.  Individual digital images with permission to print as desktop stationary are $12.00 and delivered via email.  Contact Heidi at to purchase or inquire about specific species in art.

Thank you,

— Heidi Hansen

“Nativica” and all art/text you see here is by Heidi D. Hansen, copyrighted, and requires permission to use or reproduce.


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