What Nativica Has to Say


Nativica is a place.  A place in the Pacific North West where one can take a woodswalk and learn the rugged determination, sculpted grace and robust wildlife of our native plants and habitats.  It can also be a place in one’s imagination. What do these native plants and animals say to you?

wetlands104-0451_img(Left) Yellow Iris, stream turtle, snowberry, skunk cabbage, Vine Maple, blue dragonfly.  (Right) Doug Fir and Iris by moonlight on Larch Mountain.


000111aemailfouremailsalmonfiveA drop of rain.  Rivers that provide for our salmon runs.  Salmonberry, Bleeding Heart, Snowberry.  A Willow tree.  Native NW plants keep our rivers running and lower the carbon dioxide in the air we all breath. . Can you find the newt? Bee? Moth?   pondNative plants of the North West come in a palette of colors.  When planting with native plants, use the palette.  Blue hues towards the back, reddish greens towards the front.  Lime-yellows on top and bottom.  Your native plant garden can look like a painting. rabbitwoodsSnowshoe rabbit habitat on Mt. Hood, Riparian habitat at beaver Creek, Hummingbirds love our native honeysuckle.  You can hear them hovering at this creeping vine before you see them.  Stream turtle habitats that have helped our native turtle make a comeback.rivbeaverrivdeerrivturt

riverswan trumpeterswanTrumpeter Swans have made a comeback.  (Left) Western Red Cedar, Red Osier Dogwood, Sword Fern.  (Right) Our native NW orchid, the Fairyslipper, blooms in early spring when snow is still on the ground.

Nativica, words and text, are by Heidi D. Hansen and copyrighted2001-2016.  To inquire about purchase and permission to use, email at dog.hotel.hansen@gmail.com.  Major credit cards accepted.  Thank you!


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