Forest Bathing, Nativica style

Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese term for the experience of breathing in the goodness of the forest.  This may go beyond a meditative or philosophical perspective and some science research has explored that.  It comes down to a woodswalker breathing in molecules of tree sap.  Tree sap that carry a tree’s antibodies and, perhaps,  helps human health.

Being in Nativica is being in a place that provides.  Provides creative adaptive solutions to help our environment, and human well-being.  Woodswalking through Nativica, either outdoors in nature or through the native plant and habitat art here, can boost resiliency.

When you go on a woodswalk, peaceablepondreflect on the contrasts you see there.  Notice the differences in textures, size, and color.pondSpeaking of color, see nature as an artist’s palette.  Look for 5 shades of green.  Greens ranging from blue-green to red-greens with yellow greens up and down.

wetlandsMake up a haiku poem about what you see right in front of you, at that moment, from the tip of your tongue.

rabbitwoodsRun your fingers over some rough bark and then, into a bed of soft, moist moss.  Notice what plants are around you when you feel the humidity rise, or fall.  Is there mist in the air?  What does the sun look like through the branches right now?

emailsalmonfive Look at a plant you have seen many times before and use 3 new adjectives to describe it — words you’ve never used before.

104-0451_imgClose your eyes and turn around in back of you and feel the first plant in front of you.  Without opening your eyes, imagine that plant is speaking to you. What does it say?

____________________________________For meditation coaching, email Heidi Hansen at  I can negotiate a fee structure that fits for you and can accept major credit cards.  Nativica, text and art, are by Heidi Hansen and copyrighted2001-2016.



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