The Attic Keeper and Muse Academy Panel Mural in Progress, Teaching Creativity Skills. Carpe imagi!



Carpe imagi, and welcome to the Attic Keeper’s panel mural in progress.  Here’s the initial sketches on a 12′ x 20″ countertop panel, which will depict the Vacuus, the Muses, Attic Keeper, Muse Academy, and the struggle to save the integrity and value of their Idea Currency.  More will be posted in time, as this mural in – progress comes to life.

(click on the Paypal button below if you would like to donate a bit towards supplies for this project, or purchase a print, meditation poster, or original art.   For details, email me at, or call (360) 892-5218. Thanks!)


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Remember Heidi Hansen, author-artist, is available to help you develop your creative life – whether that be in your career, work, hobbies and interests, lifestyle, etc.  She charges but fees can be negotiated, and she takes credit cards via  Call her at (360) 892-5218 or email at to discuss.  Donations to support the supply cupboard for this project are greatly appreciated.


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