Nativica celebrates Earth Day 2017 with a Day of Climate Change Service

Nativica Earth Day Poster 2017Earth Day is on Saturday, April 22, 2017.  Heidi Hansen is offering a FREE poster (shown above, 8 x 10) printed on heavy paper and signed and numbered, if you will do one hour of hard labor in and for the earth on that day.

Just email or call me with your plan and goal for that day, do it, and call or email me back with a short report, and I’ll send you this Nativica poster, free of charge.

Join me this coming week for a Nativica Spring Art Woodswalk, here at this site, where I will put up a spring collection of the NorthWest native plants you will encounter as you take a long woodswalk in April and May.  Thanks, and see you soon!

Buy Now Button

p.s. If you would like to purchase a Nativica poster, just use this Paypal button here with a major credit or debit card for $14.99 and I will mail you a signed Nativica Earth Day 2017 commemorative print as shown above  Thanks!

— And you can reach Heidi at (360) 892-5218, or email at  Take a walk through her mental health advocacy site at, for mental health tips and art!


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