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Welcome to The Muse Academy!
Where your own personal, creative and inspirational, indefatigable Muse can be educated and trained in creativity skills, process, towards a real-life application of your choosing…At The Muse Academy you can adopt, care for and develop these minions of your imagination and they will love you and reward you for it.
Meet the Main Muses who saved the Academy from the Vacuus — (those vile suctioning forces that have no form,  nor purpose or ideas or courage of their own and so will,  if allowed, attempt to suck all that out of you!) — and are waiting to share their unique and dynamic skill sets with you!
Our adorable and adventurous Main Muses are Bookie, Cookie, Arty and Dance, Techie,  and Ponderous.
Here at the Muse Academy you will learn your own vulnerability to The Vacuus.  You will become equipped with skills to protect yourself and your Ideas from those gripping, strangling, suctioning beasts.   Because as much as we all love a great villain, we don’t want ’em hanging around our own back door.   Our Main Muses defeated The Vacuus and turned their Ideas into Idea Currency and that saved our Academy from demise.  You can, too.   Your Ideas belong solely to you.  No one can ever take them from you.  “You can get through anything so long as you have Ideas of your own,” is our motto here.
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The wise and reclusive and somewhat toddy Attic Keeper is the heart and soul of the education and care and feeding of our Main Muses.  In the backstory of The Muse Academy,  when they saved it from the Vacuus storm — and also, I should tell you, from imminent bank foreclosure  — our Main Muses discovered the Attic Keeper and the keys to creativity she held.  These are the basis of our ongoing new curriculum.
Bookie is here to teach you how “Words Change Things.”   And, how our relationship with literacy  keeps us dynamic and fluid,  flexible and wise through our life span.  “We read to get to know others, we write to get to know ourselves,” says Bookie.
Cookie is here to teach you about “Foods For Moods and Flavor Travel Terrains” by cooking with you right in the Student Union Cafe.   Students of this course will experiment with a diverse palette of ingredients and get an all-you -can-eat pass with a plus – one at the Cuppa’ Joe Cafe.
Arty will provide you with your first Power Sketchbook and magic stylus, and soon you will be unleashing your own power and developing Ideas through doodling and observation.  Oh — did I mention this class comes with a free first month’s subscription to our buzzing campus newspaper sketchbook,  “The Daily  Sketch?”
Dance’s course is all about motion — of story expression through music and rythym and voice that flows from your own physical power on the stage at the Theater of Your Psyche.
Techie is a surprise to us all — and so are her plugged-in quests and questions.  It’s not what you think.  It’s all about the new and yet – to – be invented.
Ponderous is cool.  So mellow and cool we can’t ever seem to nail down a set time schedule for his classes.  Or where his class room is located.  We still can’t figure out how to grade his Daydreaming course, so we pretty much just don’t anymore.  Suffice it to say, the more daydreaming, questions, reflections, and general relationship to the natural spontaneity around you will be wonderful and appreciated here.

Oh — and did I mention a cat?

Storm the Rescue Cat up in the Attic Keeper’s studio?
Providing the Muses with a sense of Balast. A giant porcelain white goddess who never seems to move but yet sees and knows and directs all….
Carpe imagi, potential new students!  Sign up today and enroll for a modest fee and find out how to carpe imagi!  The creative skills you acquire here will pay off in many facets and forums and seasons and situations of your life both now and future.
Check your performance anxiety at the campus entry gate —  we don’t teach art, and we don’t teach product per se.  We teach the cognitive, personality, behavioral and reflective skills necessary to solve your problems,  meet your challenges, and bring you depth and joy in your business, personal, hobby, and social life goals.
Oh — did I mention we have a staff to contact to enroll and answer your questions and find a direction that fits just right with your goals?
Scan_20170226 (6)
Scan_20170226 (5)
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Well, we don’t have a staff.  And although The Muse Academy is an imaginative place, it is a very real learning platform for some very real creative skills with real-life applications.
Heidi D. Hansen, M.A., is a very real and very experienced professional in creative skill learning and coaching.  Heidi is a prolific and published freelance artist-writer, Mental Health Advocate with 30 years of education, training and real-life experience as an artist, writer and mental health child -trauma therapist. And wowza, what a portfolio to show for it.
But this is not about Heidi.  It’s about you and your inner Muse.  The minions of your imagination. To cultivate and care for your inner Muse and learn the kinds of creative skills described above, call her at (360) 892-5218, or email her at  A workbook will come out in June, 2017.doghotellogo
Once again, Heidi’s email is .
Heidi takes major credit/debit cards via safe and secure Paypal, using the button here below.  She is willing to fit a fee schedule around your needs, goals and timeline.
To pre-order Heidi’s full-color 30-page workbook on learning creativity skills and applying them to your unique goals, with six 8″ x 10″ signed/numbered inspirational and creative skills prints, pay $39.99 via this Paypal button, put in a few extra bucks to cover postage from Vancouver, Washington, USA, and tell me where to send in when it comes out in June, 2017.
Carpe imagi, and Muse On!
The Muse Academy and all associated works, slogans, constructs and design materials are written, developed and illustrated, by Heidi Hansen and copyrighted to her.  CopyrightHeidiDHansen 2014-2017, reproduction and use prohibited unless purchase and user agreements have been made. 

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