The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Muse

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joyous fog 1
Muses in The Joyous Fog


Once you have adopted your Muse at The Muse Academy, you will attend a day-long seminar on the proper care and feeding of this most precious creative life.

Briefly, you must allow continual romping through your sketchbook, where your Muse can have constant access to the Joyous Fog. (Joyous Fog is that delicious spot of pleasure where ideas come to light in happy but blurry form, and the hard sweaty spot of slogging through the work of giving them form).

Know that your Muse’s food source is observation, and its water source is listening.  Keeping your ideas in question form is helpful technique in keeping these sources flowing.

Muses need exercise, too!  Keep them fit by trading them around with other Muses and switching places, particulars, and perspectives with regularity.

Give your Muse a rest.  Doing nothing is sometimes the best thing to do for your muse.

And, do not forget the paycheck!  Your Muse gets paid on time, every time, and paid well!

———————–To purchase the Muse Academy workbook ($39.99) on developing your own inner muse, creativity skills, insights and application, contact Heidi Hansen at (360) 892-5218, or email at  Heidi Hansen is available for creative coaching and consultation on these topics, and her fee is $70.00 per hour.  Major credit cards are accepted through Paypal, using the buton here.  Thanks, and carpe imagi!
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