The Muse Academy : Attic Keeper answers her most FAQ’s in original song video!

What’s The Muse Academy?  What’s a Muse?  This video answers some of that, but please scroll through this blog for the inner workings and bits of detail.

Please ask Heidi Hansen at for help if you want to learn how to be more creative in your work, hobby and family life.  And, you may pay for her object expertise by using this paypal button. Thanks, and carpe imagi!

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Welcome To The Muse Academy (Video Brochure)

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“30 Days To Heightened Creativity in Business and Personal Life”  a 30-day workbook to learn and apply creativity skills by Heidi D. Hansen, M.A. will come out June 1, 2017.  Purchase price:  $39.00 – and that comes with 3 of Heidi’s best art prints of your choice.  Use the Paypal buttons here to purchase — and include $5.00 for postage/handling, then email Heidi with your mailing address.  Email: .  Heidi is available for creativity coaching and consulting for an hourly fee of $70.00, payments can be made using these Paypal buttons.  Thanks, and I look forward to connecting soon! — HH

The Muse Academy Trailer & Song

The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Muse

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joyous fog 1
Muses in The Joyous Fog


Once you have adopted your Muse at The Muse Academy, you will attend a day-long seminar on the proper care and feeding of this most precious creative life.

Briefly, you must allow continual romping through your sketchbook, where your Muse can have constant access to the Joyous Fog. (Joyous Fog is that delicious spot of pleasure where ideas come to light in happy but blurry form, and the hard sweaty spot of slogging through the work of giving them form).

Know that your Muse’s food source is observation, and its water source is listening.  Keeping your ideas in question form is helpful technique in keeping these sources flowing.

Muses need exercise, too!  Keep them fit by trading them around with other Muses and switching places, particulars, and perspectives with regularity.

Give your Muse a rest.  Doing nothing is sometimes the best thing to do for your muse.

And, do not forget the paycheck!  Your Muse gets paid on time, every time, and paid well!

———————–To purchase the Muse Academy workbook ($39.99) on developing your own inner muse, creativity skills, insights and application, contact Heidi Hansen at (360) 892-5218, or email at  Heidi Hansen is available for creative coaching and consultation on these topics, and her fee is $70.00 per hour.  Major credit cards are accepted through Paypal, using the buton here.  Thanks, and carpe imagi!
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Rare Sighting of Reclusive Attic Keeper Takes Selfies To Promote The Muse Academy Mural

Documented by these shameless selfies, The Attic Keeper is hot at her easel with her own personal Muses, Maile Lei and Storm The Rescue Cat.

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Can you spot the 5 main Muses of Muse Academy in the mural?  These are the 5 that save the day and stop the bank from foreclosing on the Academy, using Idea Currency, and keep The Vacuus out of the windows, using their wits and humor and a little reckless luck.


Their names are Bookie, Cookie, Techie, Dance and Ponderous.

What’s the top 3 keys to creativity?  Taught at Muse Academy?

  1.  Observe things.  Observe using all your senses and perspectives;
  2.  Use what you have right around you no matter how odd it seems;
  3.  Daydream and doodle.

Heidi Hansen, M.A., is available to coach you in better creativity for your work, business, hobby or personal talent and purpose in life.  Use this handy Papal button to float Heidi a few bucks so she can stay in paints and decent kibble, call her at (360) 892-5218, or email at

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Thanks, and Carpe Imagi!

The Attic Keeper/Muse Academy Panel Mural Photo Update!

Here’s what’s happening at my easel — the 13 foot panel mural depicting The Vacuus, Attic Keeper, 5 Muses, and the Muse Academy.  With a little help from Storm The Rescue Cat, and Maile Lei, Helper Pup (my own personal muses).

The Attic Keeper and Muse Academy Panel Mural in Progress, Teaching Creativity Skills. Carpe imagi!



Carpe imagi, and welcome to the Attic Keeper’s panel mural in progress.  Here’s the initial sketches on a 12′ x 20″ countertop panel, which will depict the Vacuus, the Muses, Attic Keeper, Muse Academy, and the struggle to save the integrity and value of their Idea Currency.  More will be posted in time, as this mural in – progress comes to life.

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Remember Heidi Hansen, author-artist, is available to help you develop your creative life – whether that be in your career, work, hobbies and interests, lifestyle, etc.  She charges but fees can be negotiated, and she takes credit cards via  Call her at (360) 892-5218 or email at to discuss.  Donations to support the supply cupboard for this project are greatly appreciated.